When North Carolina Republicans vote for Insurance Commissioner this year, more than ever they will cross over party lines to vote for Democrat Wayne Goodwin.

We recognize that Wayne is a serious candidate for a serious job. We recognize that setting fair rates, fighting insurance fraud and saving North Carolina consumers and businesses billions of dollars is truly not a partisan job. We further recognize that his dual work as State Fire Marshal � serving as the champion of firefighters and other first responders�is nonpartisan, as well.

We know that Wayne is guided by his faith, small-town North Carolina values and his love of this great country.

Wayne has been endorsed by law enforcement officers, firefighters, GOP business leaders and Republican Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. As a legislator, he received the NRA endorsement. And he has been complimented as Insurance Commissioner by both the conservative Heartland Institute (calling Goodwin �a true change agent�) and John Hood of the John Locke Foundation (noting that his leadership is a �Good Win for Reform�).

Wayne Goodwin is the real deal: the candidate with strong values and a proven record of saving taxpayers money.

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